Shavebox – Where You Pay less to get more.
Shaving is a necessity but a great shave is a luxury. Right? Wrong. At Shavebox we believe our customer satisfaction should not carry a hefty price tag.
This is Our Story
In today’s world, you can book a cab, hotel room and even a plane ticket all at a press of a button without leaving the comfort of your own home. Ask yourself, why can’t shaving be that easy? Well it can and that is actually why we’re here.
Our Innovative Innovation
To Subscribe or not to subscribe that is the question
We are introducing Shave Plan for the first time, With Shave Plan you can save money and also stop worrying about your blades becoming blunt. We let you customize your Shave Plan based on your Shaving cycle in a way that you always get a smooth shave each time.
Ecommerce Store
We understand that subscriptions are not for everyone. Hence, We have a completely seperate section for customers who want to bu our products without subscribing to any of our Shave Plans. Shopping at our e-commerce store is Simple and Easy. Select the products You want to buy, Add them to Your Cart and provide us with Your shipping details. We will do the rest!
Our Expertise
We cater to our customer needs and will never let you down.
63 Years of Manufacturing Experience
Sold in up to 130 Countries
Save up to 50% on Shaving
Delivery to Your Doorstep
Excellent Quality
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
All Orders inspected Before Delivery
24 Hour Customer Service
Our Credibility
Our blades are sold in more than 130 countries of the world since 1955.
Our multinational customer base is a testament to the high quality of our blades.