Get closer to our shaving technology
Ultra-sharp six blade technology
Gives you a precision shave in one clean stroke.
Seamless construction with angled blades
Looks good and works effortlessly
Pivoting head
Makes shaving easy around every contour of your face.
Includes a trimmer blade
Ready to shape and style your beard and sideburns.
Open design
So your razor and refill cartridges are easy to clean and rinse.
Super-soft textured wide bar
massages your face and raises hair follicles for a close, smooth shave.
Non-slip ergonomic design
Gives you full control for a comfortable shave.
Built-in rubber fin
Prepares your hair for a close shave.
Lubricating Strip
Calendula extract soothes dry skin and helps heal any irritation after a shaving. Argan oil moisturises and nourishes sensitive skin.
Four-blade shaving technology
Guarantees a precision shave in a single stroke.
Super-soft textured wide bar
Massages your face and raises hair follicles for a closer, smoother shave.
Whatever your skin type and shaving style, we've designed the PACE 4 to be easy to get on with. Precision blades and a range of innovative features bring you comfort and control with every shave.
Common docking system
If you feel it’s time for a change, your razor handle fits all our refill cartridges. So when you want to discover how, PACE 4 or PACE 6 Plus performs, all you need is the refill cartridges.